Learning values that
prepare them for life.

Elementary School Education - Grades 1-5

Developing the skills to succeed.

At Saint Joseph School, children master the tools for success while diligently applying the values of hard work, self-discipline, and personal responsibility. Teachings of the Catholic faith are carefully woven into a well-rounded education program that offers children challenging reading, computer, music, art, physical education, and foreign language classes within a stimulating, small-group environment.

Respect is an integral lesson in every class.

Our resourceful teachers use real-life experiences to bring religious values to life, including a respect for others and a belief that everyone is equally special in the eyes of God. Our smaller classes allow for more personal interaction among children, fostering a greater sense of community.

After-school activities offer added enrichment.

A wide array of after-school activities at Saint Joseph School offer children another dimension of fun while providing them with vital new growth opportunities — including everything from dynamic music and arts and crafts programs, to motivating math contests and intramural sports, to engaging book, newspaper, and horticulture clubs.