Building the foundation
for their brighter future.

Early Childhood Education - Kindergarten

Hands-on lessons build vital skills.

Pencil, paper, and keyboard are essential hands-on tools in kindergarten at Saint Joseph School, which children use to develop basic language, math, and computer skills that give them a strong foundation for future success. Our early reading program offers individualized learning enrichment activities in a small-group setting, raising each child’s abilities and self-confidence to vital new levels.

Nurturing the mind and spirit.

Our strong academic program and Catholic teachings are the heart of every day at Saint Joseph School. Stimulating computer and music classes open new worlds to children, while outdoor play is their path to new joys and friends. Every child’s mind and spirit are nourished by the telling of simple religious stories that convey lasting messages of faith and caring.

Developing a passion for learning.

The emphasis on thematic learning at Saint Joseph School provides the focused learning experience that keeps children fully involved in their studies. Our commitment to individualized instruction, including lessons tailored for each child, ensures that all children receive the personalized attention that builds knowledge and self-esteem and encourages sound study habits that will prepare them fully for the academic challenges ahead.