Planting early seeds for
your child's full growth.

Early Childhood Education - Nursery & Pre-K

Hands-on lessons open the door to learning.

Very young children discover and retain more when their acute senses, especially the sense of touch, are given full play in an individualized learning environment. At Saint Joseph School, we offer this experiential education through creative hands-on, age-appropriate activities where children learn by doing, learn by exploring, and simply learn to have fun.

Bringing home Catholic values with a passion.

At Saint Joseph School, every child’s creative hands-on learning, early embrace of moral and spiritual values, and blossoming self-esteem are reflected in the imaginative artworks they proudly bring home to parents, which depict their growing love of the world around them and their deepening love of Jesus.

Play builds physical, social, and moral development.

Our modern playground at Saint Joseph School is a safe, open, and inviting communal environment where children share simple games with friends, whether it’s hopscotch or soccer, and make those first early, lasting ties. Our indoor gymnasium is a special bonus, giving children protected access to exercise and enjoyment even in winter months.